Introductory Videos

For those who are not currently familiar with the ancient technique of Vipassana Meditation, its non-sectarian nature and its benefits, video discourses approximately 20 minutes in length are provided below.

Vipassana Meditation (An Introduction By Mr. S. N. Goenka)-English


Vipassana Meditation (An Introduction By Mr. S. N. Goenka)-Hindi


Address By Mr. S. N. Goenka at the United Nations: In late August 2000, Goenkaji participated in the Millennium World Peace Summit—a gathering of 1000 of the world’s religious and spiritual leaders, held at the United Nations under the auspices of Secretary-General Kofi Annan. The purpose of the meeting was to promote tolerance, foster peace, and encourage inter-religious dialogue. With the many different viewpoints represented, the potential for disagreement was strong. In his presentation to the delegates, Goenkaji tried to highlight what they, and all spiritual paths have in common: the universal Dhamma. His remarks were received with repeated ovations.


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