How do I learn Vipassana?

New students learn Vipassana by taking an intensive, residential ten-day course. Instructions are provided by S.N. Goenka on video and audio tapes. One or more assistant teachers are also present to provide guidance and answer any questions about the technique. After reviewing information about the program, course requirements, and the Code of Discipline, you can check the Course Schedule to see which dates are available and register for a course either online or by mail. To register contact here.

How much does a course cost?

Each student who attends a Vipassana course is given this gift by a previous student. There is no charge for either the teaching, or for room and board. All Vipassana courses worldwide are run on a strictly voluntary donation basis. At the end of your course, if you have benefited from the experience, you are welcome to donate for the coming course, according to your volition and your means.

Are there courses shorter than ten days?

Actually, the ten-day course is the minimum; it provides an essential introduction and foundation to the technique. To develop in the practice is a lifetime job. Experience over generations has shown that if Vipassana is taught in periods of less than ten days, the student does not get a sufficient experiential grasp of the technique. Traditionally, Vipassana was taught in retreats lasting seven weeks. With the dawning of the 20th century, the teachers of this tradition began to experiment with shorter times to suit the quickening pace of life. They tried thirty days, two weeks, ten days, down to seven days—and they found that less than ten days is not enough time for the mind to settle down and work deeply with the mind-body phenomenon.

How many students attend each course?

Course size varies, ranging from approx 20 to 50 students. Courses that fall during a holiday generally have higher attendance.

What are the accommodations like?

There are double occupancy rooms with attached bath. Shortly we will have single accomodations also.

What kind of food is served?

It is not possible to cater to the special food requirements of all the students, coming as they do from so many different countries and cultures. The students are kindly requested to make do with the simple Indian vegetarian menu provided. If a student has been prescribed a special diet because of ill-health, he should inform the Management at the time of registration.


Please note: All courses are conducted by assistant teachers appointed by Shri S. N. Goenka.

Please send the application form to the course organisers only after reading the Code of Discipline so that a place may be reserved for you.

1-day, 2-day and 3-day courses are only for old students who have completed a 10-day course with Goenkaji or his authorised assistants.

Satipatthana course ends on the evening of the last day and are for students who have completed at least three 10-day courses and are practising regularly for the last one year. 


Attending a Course?

Bodhi Leaf  Registration  Bodhi Leaf
To attend Vipassana Course

Register Online

Unless otherwise specified online registration is available for all courses. Please follow the steps below:

Register via Mail

You can also register for a course via e-mail. To contact the Registration office, please send an email to official registration e-mail id mentioned on home page.

You may also send your filled application form via post or courier to the center registration office address mentioned on home page.

Cancellation Instructions

It takes a tremendous amount of planning and expense to organize each of our 10-day residential courses. The courses at Dhamma Vahini meditation centre are usually of 50 students and are run strictly on a donation basis. These courses are the only events at the facility; so it is essential to know the exact number of participants for each course.

If for any reason you will not be able to attend, Or you miss a flight or find alternative transportation Or are delayed in anyway it is essential for you to cancel, even if it is the day of the course, please inform the Management by sending an email or by calling at Center.


One form per course: You must submit a separate form for each course for which you apply.

One form per person: Each individual must submit their own application (i.e. 1 form per person).

Changing courses: If, after submitting a course application, you wish to change your original course date for a different one (at another time), it would be helpful if you would submit a new application. This will save the registrar time and avoid possible confusion in the system.


Bodhi Leaf  Checklist   Bodhi Leaf
Information for accepted students for Vipassana meditation course

If you have any further questions regarding the courses, please do not hesitate to contact the Registration office via e-mail or call on official telephone nos. mentioned on home page.

Confirm Registration

May be, you will appreciate, that normally we have a waiting list at the Centre. Hence we sincerely wish that you attend the course. In case, for some reason, you are unable to attend please inform us at office time even within seven days prior to the course by phone, email, (stating your confirmation no), so that we can accommodate another student.

Code of Discipline

If you have not already done so, please read the Code of Discipline.

This document contains important information about the content, structure, and rules of the course. By submitting your application, you have agreed to follow the "CODE OF DISCIPLINE" during this course.


NO SHORTS, TANK TOPS, TIGHTS OR REVEALING CLOTHING. Tights or leggings should be worn only under a knee-length top or shirt. Please read the CODE OF DISCIPLINE carefully and note the rules regarding clothing.

Please anticipate your individual needs in this environment. The rooms and the meditation hall are not climate-controlled. Many people like a sweater, shawl or light blanket in the meditation hall. As shoes are not worn in the meditation hall, dining hall or residential quarters, it is advisable to bring shoes that are easy to slip on and off.

Bring sufficient clothing for the duration of your stay. Laundry facilities are available at a cheaper rate.



Bring all items necessary for personal hygiene such as, Towel, Toothbrush and Toothpaste,  Bath soap, Shampoo/Conditioner, Shaving/Sanitary supplies etc.


A single bed with a mattress, pillow, bed sheet and blanket is provided.

Meditation Cushions

A cotton meditation cushion is provided. Please request a chair if you need one on the first day of the course after your arrival.

Other Articles

Please do not bring unnecessary valuables or jewelry. Also, please do not bring food items, books, radios, computers, tape players, i-pods, writing materials, journals, or religious objects.

All cell phones, palm pilots, pagers and other communication devices will need to be checked in with the management on the first day. Checked items will be returned on the 10th day of  the course when silence is over.

It is advisable to bring a watch and/or a non-ticking alarm clock. You may want to bring a flashlight and a small umbrella. It will be good to keep extra pair of shoe with you during the course.

Arrival and Departure Times

Please arrive by 2:00 PM on the day the course begins. A light meal and orientation will follow after registration. If your arrival will be delayed past 5:00 PM on the day the course begins please inform registration office. If you have not arrived by 6:00 PM, and we haven't heard from you, we will assume you are not coming, and your seat may be given to another student.

The course will end at approximately 7:00 AM on the last day after breakfast. All new students, as well as returning students taking a full course, are expected to remain until the very end of the course.

May you have a Successful Course!